FutureLearn course on Robotics

Amongst the many side-projects I’ve got going on right now, I’m just about finding time to take part in this MOOC from FutureLearn, called ‘Begin Robotics‘. It is only in its second week, so if anyone is interested, do follow the link and join. Begin Robotics

It seems like a terrific introduction, and suitable, I think, for clever children (in the early days, anyway), so I’d encourage lots of people to at least have a look. Those more experienced roboticists amongst you will, no doubt, find it terribly basic – the hint is in the name; even I’m finding it easy at the moment – but nevertheless it could serve then as a great introduction to the wonderful world of MOOCs.

(In all truth, this is about the fifth or sixth MOOC I’ve registered for, but the one that I’ve spent the most time with and that I am most committed to doing. The great thing about MOOCs – as any MOOCkateer will tell you – is that it is learning without pressure. You join, you learn; you don’t have time, you don’t have to feel guilty. More than the subject matter, I think that this is a model for learning that could really take us forward, so do have a look at FutureLearn’s other offerings – including many from the University of Sheffield Begin Robotics – even if you don’t feel like jumping on this robotics course right now.)

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