Hello there.

This is my page where I will attempt to draw together in one place the disparate bits of myself that are out there.

I am a co-founder and Community and Communications Officer at BOW Software, a software company based in Sheffield, UK.

I am also working as a Research Fellow at Sheffield Robotics and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. My present project is the Wellcome Trust-funded Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures.

I am also an ice hockey coach. I am presently the Head Coach of the Sheffield Bears Universities IHC, Sheffield Shadows Women’s IHC and GB Students’ Men’s Team.

Check the menu up there to see more of what I do and where.

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Catching up

Such is the way of these things, that they sometimes sit dormant exactly at the time I should be updating furiously. I’ll be catching up with the few posts in the next couple of weeks, promising, as always, to update more regularly from now on.

Living Machines Handbook

So proud to have worked on this tome, Living machines: A handbook of research in biomimetics and biohybrid systems, with so many great minds and brilliant scholars. I edited one section, on ‘Perspectives’ (looking mostly at social and cultural impacts of living machines), and contributed an introduction to that section and a chapter, ‘Living machines in the cultural imagination.’ Do check it out; there’s something for everyone in the book with an interest in robotics, psychology, biomimetics, biohybrid systems, and (of course) the social, ethical. and cultural impacts of new technologies.

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