Connection Science special editions on principles of robotics

My colleague Tony Prescott and I co-edited a two-volumes of Connection Science dedicated to reevaluating the EPSRC’s Principles of Robotics. (Access to all the articles is free for a month.)

A press release announcing the publication can be found here.

My article can be found here.

My ‘Rapporteur’s Report‘ on the discussion can be found here.

Our editorials can be found here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

The full contents can be found here (Vol 2) and here (Vol 3).

‘Facing the Robot Revolution’ by Mark Mardell

BBC Radio 4 presenter Mark Mardell visited Sheffield Robotics recently and wrote this article about the time he spent there talking to Sheffield researchers, including yours truly.

I should clarify that while of course robots will definitely take more human jobs, the 60% figure was merely an example of some of the claims others have made, and not my firm prediction. (I would never put a hard number of something like that; my job isn’t to put numbers on such things, but help prepare for whatever future we do face by engaging people in discussions and debates.)

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