Where to find me.

Though I will update the main page of this site with news of recent posts, here’s where my stuff can be found:

Dreaming Robots, a site I set up to examine the cultural history and social impacts of robots, VR, AI, etc.

Robohub.org, an excellent site bringing together all things robots. My profile is here.

The Cognitive Science Network Blog, on all topics related to robots and new technologies.

Cyberselves, a site dedicated to an AHRC-funded project I work on examining the changing nature of the self as we increasingly engage in new spaces enabled by technology.

I tweet in a few different capacities.

@michaelszollosy, my main account

@DreamingRobots, an account to accompany the blog


Dreaming Robots also has a nascent YouTube channel, which will include videos and playlists of interest.


For academic or research-related communications, please email


For personal or ice hockey-related issues, please email


Dreaming Robots now has an Instagram account  IMG_20170712_181338_491.jpg

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